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Why We are Different

Since 1996, Tri Country Computers now Cyber Computer Technology has been serving the people and businesses of the rapidly growing communities of Southwest Florida, located in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte Counties.
However, we also have many satisfied customers located all across the country.
So regardless of where you are, if we can find a way to help you, we will.
Our specialty is virus and spyware removal - and we can do it without having to reformat and reload your entire computer. From crashed hard drives, to dead power-supplies, to broken monitors and screens, to expanding memory and optimizing your computer for better performance, we're here to serve your needs.

We're happy to make recommendations and help you make the best decisions that are right for your situation, whether for personal computing needs or for business.

Why Choose Us

At Cycomptec, we have a wide range of hardware and computing equipment, allowing us to help you find an affordable pre-built computer or to design a PC that meets your individual needs. We also carry individual computer parts, such as hard drives and RAM, enabling you to upgrade your existing setup. Along with top of the line computers for home use, we also offer unique setups for businesses and people with individual computing needs, such as waterproof PCs and fanless cooling systems.
As part of our efforts to go green, our products support technologies that lower your power consumptions, such as fanless cooling.

What You Get

We know that computers and IT equipment tend to break down and run into trouble, and we can help you resolve everything from physical equipment issues to software configuration problems.

To make dealing with these issues as painless as possible, Cycomptec offers a variety of options for repair.
You can drop off your equipment at our location, opt for in-house repairs or take advantage of remote support services.
We will strive to resolve your problems as quickly as possible and let you know what the best and most effective solutions are.

Meet The Energy

At Cycomptec, we pride ourselves in being able to handle all aspects of IT installation, support and service, and we are knowledgeable about cloud hosting, VOIP and PBX systems, setting up home theaters through computers and remote computer services.
Cyber Computer Technology Inc. is your full-service IT Company, specializing in Computer Repair, Network Solutions, IT Planning, Managed IT & Fanless Systems. Our computer store technicians fix computer problems like it's the easiest thing in the world.
Products we use include BIWIN, Lex System, SMS Passcode, Cisco, VMWare, Elastix, Navigatrix.

Meet The Team

Dominik Hayder

Dominik Hayer

VP, Sales Manager

Michael Pap

Michael Pap

CEO, Project Manager

Jordan Todd

John Doe

Support Technican


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